Why You Should Contact a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Motor vehicles accidents can be extremely stressful even if no one seems to be injured. The consequences of a collision go far beyond personal injury, and it is possible to suffer financial damages through several avenues, including the loss of property and work. In addition, navigating the red tape imposed by insurance companies can be frustrating, and they may balk at providing you with appropriate compensation for all the damages incurred. If you are in such a situation, you need to contact a Houston car accident lawyer to seek advice and legal counsel. Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side Despite what you see on television commercials, insurance companies are businesses determined to make a profit, and one of the ways they succeed in doing this is by paying out as little money as possible. They may also deny your claim and make it difficult to file an appeal. Before you speak to an insurance company representative, call a Houston auto wreck attorney to determine what options you have. Examining the Facts Automobile accidents are complex, and very few people understand all of the factors that lead to an incident. A driver who seems to be clearly at fault may have had no way to prevent the crash from occurring. Only an expert in car collisions can say who is liable with any certainty. The automobile manufacturer may have installed a defective part, unseen obstacles may have been in the road or other drivers may be hiding relevant information. A Houston car accident lawyer will use experienced investigators to uncover all of the facts. This is why you should never admit fault to an accident until you have spoken to an experienced attorney. Injuries Are Not Always Apparent Immediately after an accident, you may feel distressed but have no visible injuries. Your adrenaline may be overpowering the pain of internal injuries. In addition, some injuries directly related to the accident may not appear until days, weeks, or even months later. If you have already settled a claim with the insurance company, it may be too late to request compensation for any of these delayed-onset injuries, many of which can be chronic and affect your ability to work and your quality of life. Determining Damages The damages sustained from an automobile accident often encompass much more than hospital bills and property loss. If you are injured, you may miss work while you recover, and if your injuries are severe, you may not be able to go back to work at all. In addition, many states allow you to be compensated for pain, suffering and emotional distress. Even situations such as a loss of intimacy with your partner or difficulty interacting with your family may have a monetary value. A Houston personal injury lawyer will be able to analyze your situation completely and determine a true total of the current and future damages you have incurred. Navigating the Waters Your accident may be relatively straightforward, but the process is rarely as simple as it seems. It can take countless hours to file an accident claim or a lawsuit, and if you do not follow all of the procedures precisely, your case may be in jeopardy. You could experience long delays while you refile your claim, or it could be thrown out altogether. You are certainly within your rights to file a lawsuit on your own, but an attorney will be able to do so expeditiously without any errors. Facing Financial Losses Without a Houston auto wreck attorney, you may experience burdensome financial losses from your auto accident. If you need to file a lawsuit, you have to do so before the statute of limitations prohibits it. If you do not have the skills and resources to prove your case, you may never be compensated enough to cover your damages.