What Insurance Companies Do To Avoid Paying Accident Claims

Insurance companies do not want to pay your claim. They take the premiums that their clients pay every month and invest the money in various ventures, including stocks, real estate, bonds and venture capital. If insurance companies must pay large claims, this leaves them with less money to invest in the stock market, for example. Therefore, they work very hard to keep from having to pay these large sums of money. If you have been injured in a collision, you will need money for your medical bills and to have your vehicle repaired. However, officials with the insurance company may employ tactics that will help them to avoid paying you. This is when you will need to hire a knowledgeable 18 wheeler accident attorney. Delaying Payment An experienced truck accident lawyer is very familiar with the tricks that insurance companies use to keep from paying you what you deserve. For example, insurance companies often delay making payment. They hope that you will become so frustrated with the wait that you will accept their low offer or give up your claim. By hiring a truck accident attorney, they can protect you from the delay tactics that insurance companies use on unsuspecting accident victims. Hiring the Wrong Experts In some cases, the insurance companies hire “experts” that are not experts in your particular case. For example, in one instance, the victim had an injury that required the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon. However, the insurance company hired a neurologist as the expert. In another case, the insurance company hired the correct type of expert, but officials at the company did not provide the expert with films from the injured party’s diagnostic tests. The expert was also not allowed to examine the victim personally. Not surprisingly, the expert came to a conclusion that favored the insurance company. Keeping Attorneys on Retainer Insurance companies keep attorneys on retainer so that they can fight every claim whether it is large or small. Officials at these companies know that they have unlimited funds to fight your claim and that you, most likely, do not. They are hoping that you will accept a lower offer than you deserve or drop the case altogether after becoming tired of fighting a large insurance company that has expensive lawyers at its disposal. Denying Responsibility In some cases, it is fairly obvious that one party is responsible for the collision. However, officials with the at-fault party’s insurance company may deny that their client is at fault just to avoid paying the claim. Refusing to Pay Medical Bills After a collision with an 18-wheeler, you may have injuries that need immediate treatment, but the at-fault driver’s insurance company is refusing to pay your medical bills. Insurance companies justify doing this by claiming that your injuries are not the result of the accident but are the result of a pre-existing condition. Asking for a Recorded Statement Insurance companies ask for a recorded statement to strengthen their cases and to damage yours. They are hoping that you will say something that they can use against you inside or outside of court. Fighting Your Own Insurance Company It may be expected that the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to keep from paying you what you deserve, but if you are dealing with your own insurance company, the same thing can occur. According to the law, your insurance company is required to act in good faith. This means that your claims must be paid in a reasonable amount of time without engaging in any of the tricks that were described above. If they have been acting in bad faith, you are entitled to sue them, and you may receive payment for your legal bills after prevailing in court.