What Can Happen if You Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel

We understand that being the driver of an 18 wheeler means long stretches of driving await you.  We even realize that it can tax your body and leave you quite tired.  However, there is simply no excuse for falling asleep behind the wheel.   When anyone falls asleep while driving, they are putting themselves and others around them at serious risk.  This risk is only magnified when an 18 wheeler driver does so, due to driving a much larger and heavier vehicle. Case in point:  Early this morning in California, the driver of an 18 wheeler fell asleep behind the wheel.  While he was out of it, his truck veered across two traffic lanes and the carpool divider.  The truck then hit the concrete center divider, and went another 1,000 feet before finally coming to a complete stop.  That is not all.  Because of the severity of the crash, the big rig’s fuel tank was badly damaged, causing the fuel inside to ignite.   Luckily, the driver was able to escape the 18 wheeler before it went up in flames. Though the driver is fortunate to be alive, he is also lucky his rig did not smash into any other vehicles. If that had happened, those involved in the crash would have been within their rights to contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney. While this big rig driver cannot go back in time and change his actions, let his mistake serve as a lesson to other drivers of 18 wheelers.  When you are tired behind the wheel, pull over onto the shoulder and stop driving until you have full control of your faculties.