Update: Industrial Explosion In West, Texas

An industrial plant explosion happened this evening in West, Texas.  According to the Dallas Morning News, a small fire had broken out at a plant owned and operated by West Fertilizer Inc. and firefighters were in the process of dousing the blaze when the industrial explosion occurred.  The blast set numerous buildings on fire, and residents from towns up to 50 miles away reported feeling reverberations similar to that of an earthquake. While the exact amount of damage has yet to be determined, it has been speculated that 60 to 70 people are dead, with hundreds more injured.  Residents of the city have been asked to evacuate, and Gov. Rick Perry has authorized the use of state resources to aid the local authorities. Update:  As of 8:51am on April 19, between 5 and 15 people were killed in the explosion, not 60 to 70.