Understanding the Various Types of Compensation for Auto Accident Claims

After an auto accident, contacting a Galveston car crash attorney can provide added help in managing medical expenses and dealing with the aftermath of your experience. Understanding the different types of traffic accident compensation to which you may be entitled can assist you in pursuing your claims more effectively. Apart from punitive damages, which are awarded in cases of gross negligence and willful disregard for the safety of others, compensatory damages are typically divided into six distinct categories. Medical Expenses After a serious accident, the injured parties can typically collect compensation for the actual amount of their medical expenses. This includes ambulance fees, emergency room costs and any ongoing rehabilitation or maintenance expenses associated with the accident. For accident victims who require long-term care and physical therapy, the amount due for medical expenses may be estimated or agreed upon between the insurer, the defendant and the plaintiff’s attorney. Property Damage Accident victims can also collect compensation for the damage done to their vehicle and any personal property contained in it. The amount will vary depending on the degree of damage done. In some cases, the insurance company may total the vehicle to limit their liability for repair costs. If your vehicle is totaled by the insurance adjuster, you will receive only the estimated cash value of your car or truck prior to the accident. This can present real financial difficulties if the vehicle was in poor condition or if the amount offered is not adequate to purchase a car or truck as a replacement. Pain and Suffering Awards for pain and suffering can vary widely and generally increase with the severity of the injury. Most insurance adjusters take into consideration the type of injury sustained and the duration of medical treatment when offering a settlement for pain and suffering. Retaining the services of an experienced Galveston personal injury attorney can ensure that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering during negotiations with insurers and in courtroom proceedings. Loss of Income Injuries that require time off from work can take a real financial toll on you and your family. Compensation for loss of income caused by automotive accidents can cover just a few days of missed work or extended periods during which you or your family member must undergo medical treatment or refrain from your regular job activities. Your attorney can help you to gather evidence from your doctor and healthcare providers regarding the severity of your condition. This can support your claim for lost income when negotiating with insurance adjusters or making your case before a jury. Loss of Consortium Automobile accidents can also deprive married couples of the chance to spend time together and to be intimate. This is generally referred to as loss of consortium and can result in added compensation for both members of the couple. Your attorney can assist you in determining whether this type of compensation is merited in your particular case. Wrongful Death Damages Fatality accidents can result in lasting emotional trauma and ongoing financial difficulties for Texas families. Awards in these cases can be substantial, especially if the deceased individual was young or was a primary breadwinner for their family. Compensation typically includes funeral and burial expenses, loss of income, loss of consortium and projected lost income over the expected life of the victim. If you have sustained injuries in a collision with another vehicle, consulting with a knowledgeable Galveston car accident attorney can ensure that you receive the highest possible amount of compensation for your claims. These dedicated legal professionals can provide you with the guidance and support needed to negotiate effectively with insurance adjusters and, if necessary, to pursue your case in a court of law.