Two Prescription Drugs Under Investigation

Due to reports they may cause pancreatic cancer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an investigation into two popular type-2 diabetes medications, Januvia and Byetta.  The investigation also will examine the safety of Bydureon, a longer-lasting form of Byetta that is injected into patients once a week. This is not the first time Byetta has faced scrutiny.  It was approved for use by the FDA in 2005.  However, by 2007, alerts were issued that warned of a link between the drug and pancreatitis.  Then in 2008, it faced lawsuits over improper labeling and safety warnings.  Years have since passed, and not only is the drug still readily available on the market, it is commonly prescribed to patients.  That much is evident when you learn that the drug grossed $490 million last year. While it is good that the FDA is finally taking the initiative to investigate the matter, it took numerous patients reaching out to class action lawsuit lawyers to prompt them to do so.  It should never have come to that.  When a prescription drug is linked to pancreatitis and faces lawsuits over shady labeling practices within the span of a year, the drug should be immediately pulled from the market.  It is that simple.