Tips for Achieving the Highest Auto Accident Settlement

Traffic accidents can be traumatic experiences, especially if injuries are involved. Remaining calm and making the right moves during the critical minutes after the crash can have a significant impact on your ability to collect compensation from insurance companies. Enlisting the services of a qualified Houston auto accident lawyer can help you manage the negotiation process more easily after a major collision. Here are seven key tips for reaching the highest possible settlement for your auto accident claim. Document Everything Most smartphones include an onboard camera that can be used to take pictures of the damage to your car immediately after an accident. For anything more serious than a fender-bender, calling the police is also recommended. A police report detailing the events that transpired will carry more weight with insurance adjusters and will provide valuable support if your case must eventually go to court. Act Promptly Filing for damages as soon as possible after a traffic accident can sometimes speed up processing for your claim. Additionally, the details of your accident will likely be fresh in your memory and easier to recount to the insurance adjuster. By taking prompt action to initiate a claim with your insurer, you can often streamline the process to ensure faster resolution for your settlement. Add Up the Damages Saving receipts for automotive repairs and all relevant medical documents related to your accident can provide added documentation for insurance adjusters looking for a way to avoid paying on your claim. Do not overlook prescription medication costs and missed time from work when considering the actual dollar value of your claim. These little expenses can add up to a significant out-of-pocket sum if not included in your insurance settlement. Do Not Underestimate Your Injuries The desire to remain stoic can interfere with your ability to achieve the settlement to which you are entitled after an automobile accident. Seeking medical attention and advice is highly recommended to determine the extent of your injuries and to provide you with any necessary treatment. Failing to get an expert medical opinion after an accident can not only cost you financially at the time of your settlement but can also allow injuries and health problems to go unnoticed and untreated. This can result in serious complications and risks for you and your passengers after a major collision. Wait for a Better Offer The first offer you receive from your insurance adjuster is usually intended to test the waters and is typically much lower than the amount to which you are actually entitled. In some cases, it may make sense to let your Houston personal injury attorney handle the negotiation process. This is especially true if a commercial truck was involved in the accident or if serious injuries were sustained. Retaining the services of an experienced Houston truck accident attorney can often increase the amount of your eventual settlement while protecting your legal rights in and out of court. Get It in Writing Settlement offers should be made in writing. Be sure to consult with your attorney before signing these legal documents; this can ensure that you do not miss any of the fine print when finalizing your settlement. Level the Playing Field While you may be able to maintain an amicable relationship with your insurance company throughout the claims process, these companies are typically highly motivated to pay as little as possible for your accident claim. By working with a qualified Houston car accident lawyer, you can put the odds in your favor during negotiations with the insurance adjusters assigned to your case. Retaining the services of a Houston personal injury lawyer to handle your accident claim can provide you with real peace of mind and can help you achieve the highest possible settlement for your injuries, damages and losses.