What is Personal Injury Protection in Texas?

Personal injury protection, also known as PIP coverage, is a type of auto insurance all Texas insurance companies must offer policyholders. PIP exists to protect motorists in the event that they are injured in an accident in which they are at fault, fault cannot be determined, fault is shared equally among parties, or the at-fault party does not carry proper insurance. Should this be the case, the motorist can invoke his or her own PIP policy to gain some coverage for injuries.

How do I obtain and utilize PIP coverage?

If you are insured in Texas, you should have been offered a minimum of $2,500 personal injury protection when you began your policy. It’s always a good idea to review your policy’s terms if you are unsure of your coverage. While $2,500 is generally the minimum amount offered, more robust plans may provide up to $10,000 in PIP coverage.

Assuming your policy includes it, you’re entitled to personal injury protection regardless of fault in your accident; this means that you can often obtain money more quickly to help cover the costs associated with your accident and injury. Typically, you can recover payment of medical bills, 80% of your lost wages from missed work, and other associated household service costs (for example, grocery delivery costs if you are bedridden and unable to shop yourself) until you reach your PIP limit.

To invoke your PIP coverage, simply file a claim with your own insurance provider. If it’s later determined that another insured party was responsible for the accident, some of the compensation you collect from that claim might ultimately go toward reimbursing your own insurance company for fronting you payment through PIP—however, this amount would be factored into your claim and not deducted from your compensation.

Issues with Texas personal injury protection insurance

Personal injury protection was designed to be accessible and offer quick, but necessary relief, so you should face very few obstacles to collecting benefits from a PIP claim. In the event that you encounter difficulties, such as the following, legal action may be necessary:

  • Delay of benefits – Despite filling out a legitimate claim and all necessary documentation, your insurance company is delaying paying you through PIP or ignoring your attempts to communicate altogether
  • Denial of claim – Your PIP claim was denied despite the fact that you provided all documentation requested and demonstrated real monetary costs you incurred due to your injury.

These are just two signs of potential insurance bad faith; if you suspect bad faith practices by your auto insurance provider, you should consult a Texas personal injury attorney about your legal options.

Consult a Texas injury attorney who can help you collect the PIP benefits you deserve

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