Texas’ ‘Be Safe. Drive Smart.’ Campaign Encourages Safe Driving

Each year, Texas reports over 3,000 traffic fatalities on its roadways. In fact, more traffic-related deaths occur in the Lone Star State each year than in any other state, with 70,000 total deaths since 2000. One in three deaths on Texas roadways involve drunk driving. Excessive speed and distracted driving are other leading causes for accidental injury and death.

In an effort to reduce fatal accidents, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched several campaigns, such as “Be Safe. Drive Smart,” to raise awareness of this rampant public health issue. 

TxDOT seeks to reduce daily traffic deaths in Texas to zero by 2050, and the department needs the help of every Texan in order to reach this goal. By educating yourself and your loved ones on safe driving practices, you can prevent another senseless tragedy.

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What is TxDOT’s ‘Be Safe. Drive Smart’ Campaign?

In 2019, the Texas Department of Transportation implemented the “Be Safe. Drive Smart” campaign to combat traffic fatalities through education, engineering, and enforcement. As part of this campaign, TxDOT has created several public education tools to teach Texans about safe driving practices and common road hazards. Although the state DOT encourages safe driving on all the state’s roadways, this campaign focuses on three main locations that have seen the highest number of crash-related deaths: energy sectors, work zones, and along Interstate 35 (I-35). 

The Three Awareness Campaigns Under the ‘Be Safe. Drive Smart’ Umbrella

Be Safe. Drive Smart encompasses three sub-campaigns, each highlighting a separate contributing factor to Texas’ traffic fatality rate.

The Energy Sector Safety Campaign seeks to raise awareness of the unique driving hazards that arise in the state’s five largest oil and gas production regions. In 2018, nearly half of all state traffic fatalities occurred in these five locations, and work-related accidents were a leading cause of death across industries. The combination of small, fast-moving passenger vehicles and large, slow-moving work vehicles creates hazardous conditions ripe for accidents. As such, TxDOT urges drivers of passenger vehicles to take precautions when driving around larger vehicles, such as maintaining safe space and reducing speed to 20 miles below the posted limit when passing trucks idling on the side of the road.

The I-35 Safety Campaign aims to educate the public on safe driving practices when traveling along Interstate 35, which has become one of the busiest traffic corridors in Texas. Nearly half of all Texans live near I-35, and the state’s population has steadily swelled in recent years. Consequently, the interstate has grown busier and more hazardous, with more congestion and frequent need for road maintenance. The confluence of all of these factors has led to an increase in traffic fatalities on I-35, particularly in construction zones. In an effort to reduce vehicle-related deaths, the TxDOT advises motorists to stay alert on this particularly busy roadway, and to take extra care when passing through work zones.

The General Topics Safety Campaign addresses best practices in safe driving for all Texas motorists, regardless of where they drive or what type of vehicle they operate. This campaign reminds drivers to check their local weather conditions before traveling, to mind the specific traffic laws of school zones and crosswalks, and to remain completely focused on the road while operating a motor vehicle. Motorists may visit TxDOT’s DriveSafeTexas.org for a refresher on safe driving techniques. 

#EndTheStreakTX: Texas’ Goal Of Ending Daily Road Fatalities

November 7, 2000 marked the last recorded day without traffic deaths in Texas. For over 20 years, as the yearly death toll rises, Texans have taken their lives into their hands simply by commuting to work. TxDOT launched the #EndTheStreakTX social media campaign in an effort to advocate for safer driving practices. #EndtheStreakTX asks each Texan to help end this deadly streak by raising awareness on social media about dangerous driving habits. TxDOT seeks to reduce traffic fatalities to zero by 2050, urging every state resident to aid in this endeavor by spreading the message to their loved ones. As TxDOT works to widen roads, add rumble strips, and include more safety features in every new construction project, they ask all Texans to commit to driving safely, including regularly wearing a seatbelt and avoiding the use of mobile devices while driving. 

Expect an Increase in Law Enforcement To Curb Distracted and Dangerous Driving

TxDOT has allocated an additional $600 million to safety enhancement projects on Texas’ roadways. In addition, drivers may notice an increased law enforcement presence along busy traffic routes, as police strictly enforce state driving laws and apprehend distracted and dangerous drivers.

To avoid being pulled over, ensure that you obey all traffic laws when driving, especially those related to operating a motor vehicle while distracted or impaired. Careful and attentive driving is the best way motorists can prevent accidents and ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. Furthermore, defensive driving may reduce your chances of being found at fault if you are involved in an accident.

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