Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident

Driving is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do.   Depending on the the size of your vehicle, you are in charge of controlling a machine weighing anywhere from 3,000-to-12,000 pounds.   It is no wonder so many auto accidents cause significant injury, or result in wrongful death lawsuits.   That said, do you know the right steps to take if you are involved in an auto accident?   If so, that is great and we applaud you.  If not, this article is something you must read. The very first thing anyone should do at the time of a car accident is request medical attention.   Cars can be replaced.   People can not.   Also, never assume you are fine until a medical professional has had the opportunity to fully examine you.  For one thing, if you decide to seek out the services of an car accident lawyer, they will ask for documented proof that you sustained injuries in the crash.   For another, medical professionals have years of specialized training under their belt, while you do not.  They can detect signs and symptoms of injuries that you may have overlooked. After requesting and receiving medical attention, it is time to call the police.   You might say, “Why can I not just exchange information with the other driver and be on my way?”  The reason is simple.  If the police were not brought out to make a record of all auto accidents, then many drivers would flee from the scene without exchanging their insurance information, or checking to see if the other party is alright.   Plus, if medical personnel on the scene has deemed that you suffered injuries in the accident, you will want the details of the accident recorded and made a matter of public record. Once law enforcement has finished documenting the accident, start exchanging information with the other parties involved in the crash.   You will need the names, addresses, insurance information, and phone numbers for the other parties involved, as well as their license plate numbers.  Also, get pertinent contact information(names, addresses, and phone numbers) for any witnesses of the accident.  After that is done, take photographs that include all of the following: the scene of the accident, the other vehicles, and the injuries you suffered.   They will be invaluable later. Now, you are ready to contact your auto insurance company.   Not only should your policy have some amount of personal injury protection coverage, but your insurance company still needs to negotiate the terms of getting your vehicle repaired with the other driver’s insurance company. Finally, if you have determined you wish to pursue a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, it is in your best interest to hire a personal injury attorney.   Without one, it is easy for a insurance claims adjuster to take advantage of you in an injury settlement.