Prescription Drug Bill Closer to Passing in Oklahoma

Most prescription drug lawsuits encompass situations where the drug causes harmful injuries.  However, sometimes these drug lawsuits involve cases where a pharmacy gave a patient a wrong prescription.  The state of Oklahoma is trying to change that. This week, the Oklahoma House Public Health Committee approved a bill that would require pharmacy benefit managers(PBMs) to be licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy and share more information about their inner workings with customers.  Now, the bill is headed to a vote by the entire Oklahoma House of Representatives. According to the article, at the present, PBMs in Oklahoma are not bound to the same rules as your standard pharmacist. They do not have to disclose whether they have arrangements with drug manufacturers or pharmacies to guide customers to using specific drugs.  Furthermore, they have the right to modify prescriptions before they are sent to the pharmacy supplying them with the drug. Considering PBMs process drug prescriptions for 210 million Americans nationwide, this is a big deal.  The process of filling a prescription that occurs between a doctor, PBM, and a pharmacy needs complete transparency.  Without honesty and openness in the process, not only can a doctor’s reputation be tarnished, but an individual’s quality of life may be negatively affected.