New Technology to Improve the Safety of 18 Wheeler Trucks

The size and power of 18-wheeler trucks means that victims of accidents involving these trucks often suffer from catastrophic injuries. Many victims of truck accidents even die as a result of their injuries. New technology that is intended to improve the safety of 18-wheeler trucks is being released to reduce the possibility of an accident. While this technology is poised to save lives, tractor trailer accidents can still occur if a driver is negligent on the road. Anyone who becomes the victim of a truck accident should contact an 18-wheeler accident attorney to help them properly file a claim against the trucking company. Brake Reinforcement While the air brakes that are present in an 18-wheeler are typically able to effectively stop a large truck, there are serious problems that can arise in the brakes of an 18-wheeler. Failing to properly address these problems can lead to a dangerous problem if a truck is unable to stop on the road. Added safety can be found in the brake monitoring system that is now available for tractor trailers. This system detects serious faults in brakes and alerts drivers so that the driver can take the truck in for maintenance. Brake monitoring systems can detect issues including built-up friction due to a failure to release, over-stroke that significantly reduces the braking force and inoperative brakes. Prevention of Rollovers One of the biggest dangers related to truck accidents is the possibly that the truck will roll over. A rollover is more likely to fatally injure the driver of the truck, and it is possible for the truck to crush another vehicle when the accident involves other drivers. Rollover prevention systems that can be equipped in 18-wheelers are able to detect whether a truck is likely to roll over because it is being driven erratically or at unsafe speeds. The vehicle then automatically applies the brakes in order to avoid an accident. The application of the brakes is done strategically according to the speed and maneuvers that are causing the unsafe conditions. These systems are also able to prevent accidents related to jackknifing. Protection Against Collisions Drivers are not always able to see other vehicles on the road because of large blind spots that are created around a truck. Many accidents have occurred because a truck driver was unable to see that a vehicle was in the way when the driver chose to switch lanes. Collision warning systems are intended to prevent accidents that occur because a driver cannot see obstacles around their truck. Drivers of 18-wheelers find that these systems are especially useful for avoiding obstacles in blind spots at the rear of the truck and on the sides of the vehicle. Some systems simply alert the driver when an obstacle is present, but there are newer collision warning systems that actually brake automatically when an obstacle is detected. Get Help From a Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney All of the technology that has been introduced to keep trucks safe on the road only works if drivers are proactive about utilizing these safety features. Accidents that involve trucks often result in serious injuries that could negatively impact a victim’s quality of life forever. It is important for victims or their family members to contact a truck accident lawyer immediately following an accident to make sure that the rights of the victim are being protected. Compensation for medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering may be available. Family members left behind after a truck accident kills a loved one may be entitled to compensation for final expenses and loss of income related to the loss of a loved one. Contact a tractor trailer accident attorney for a consultation because the lawyers for the trucking company will do their best to avoid having to pay.