What Should You Do After a Car or Truck Accident?


The first thing the insurance company will ask for after your accident is a recorded statement of your account of the accident. You will be asked questions that are meant to probe for anything that could put you at fault for your injuries.

Wait to give details to the insurance company until you speak with a car accident lawyer. The insurance company is only looking for information that may help minimize the value of your claim.

At the Time of the Accident

  • DO seek proper medical attention before doing anything else.
  • DO call 911.
  • DO cooperate with all law enforcement and emergency personnel who respond to the scene.
  • Do make sure a police report is completed
  • DO get the license plate numbers of all other vehicles involved in the accident and the drivers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance information. If you are unable, get a relative or friend to do this.
  • DO write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of all potential witnesses to your accident.
  • DO contact your automobile insurance company to make a claim.
  • DO take photographs of the following as soon as possible after the accident:
    • The scene of the accident from all angles
    • The surrounding area
    • The vehicles involved
    • Your injuries
    • the at-fault driver’s license
    • the at-fault driver’s insurance card
  • DO contact an experienced accident and injury attorney. We can document the scene for you if you contact us quickly.
  • DON’T move your vehicle after an accident unless necessary for safety or required by law.
  • DON’T subject yourself to further injury by standing or waiting in an area near traffic or other safety hazards.
  • DON’T leave the scene of an accident until the police tell you it is OK to do so.
  • DON’T engage in discussions of fault with anyone other than the investigating officers.

After the Accident

  • DO take notes about what happened and what kind of harm resulted.
  • DO keep an ongoing written record of all conversations regarding your accident.
  • DO seek medical treatment immediately if injured.
  • DO follow medical treatment directions from your doctor.
  • DO continue to document the progress of your injuries with pictures and by journaling about your daily hardships.

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