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League City Mesothelioma Lawyers Prolonged or repeated exposure to asbestos can result in increased risk of mesothelioma, a cancer that attacks the lining of major organs and can spread throughout the body. In many cases, the symptoms of mesothelioma do not manifest themselves until decades after the exposure. Mesothelioma can cause serious injury to patients and may result in death if not treated aggressively during the early stages of the disease. The three most common types of mesothelioma are pleural, pericardial and peritoneal.
  • Pleural mesothelioma originates in the lining of the lungs
  • Pericardial mesothelioma attacks the lining surrounding the heart
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the lining of the stomach
Research studies have demonstrated the direct link between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of mesothelioma. The legal professionals at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can assist mesothelioma victims throughout Texas including League City, Galveston and the Greater Houston area of this form of cancer file a personal injury claim to obtain compensation from the companies that endangered their health through exposure to asbestos.

Who is at Risk of Asbestos Exposure in League City, Texas?

Frequently used in the construction, automotive, and shipbuilding industries, asbestos used to be a popular form of insulation, prized for its fire-resistant properties. As such, asbestos-related illnesses are most common among workers in these industries. In 1989, after asbestos was discovered to be highly carcinogenic, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented a partial ban on the use of many products containing asbestos, including insulation. However, as it generally takes between 20 and 50 years from asbestos exposure to the diagnosis of mesothelioma, even individuals who worked in one of these fields in the 1970s are still being diagnosed with mesothelioma today. Anyone who was exposed to asbestos for an extended period of time is at risk of developing mesothelioma. If you worked in any of the following occupations before 1990, it may be in your best interest to consult with a physician about your risk of developing mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other illnesses related to asbestos exposure.
  • Factory workers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Auto mechanics
  • Miners
  • Navy personnel
  • Shipyard workers
  • Ironworkers
  • Oil refinery workers
  • Railroad employees
Since mesothelioma rarely produces symptoms for years or even decades, it may be wise to consult with your doctor even if you are not experiencing symptoms. If you may have been exposed to asbestos, seeking medical attention now could save your life.

Asbestos Exposure and Risk of Mesothelioma

Prolonged exposure to asbestos is the number one risk factor for pleural mesothelioma. For most victims, this exposure occurred in the workplace, when asbestos was still widely used in insulation. Although asbestos has been mostly banned for use as insulation, it is still contained in some products. Furthermore, asbestos insulation that was installed decades ago can still pose a risk to anyone who comes in contact with it, due to remodeling or renovation work, or if building materials degrade to the point that the insulation is exposed to the air. Many schools, older homes, and commercial properties are still insulated with asbestos. Even family members of workers who experienced prolonged exposure to asbestos are at risk, as asbestos fibers can be carried home on clothing. If you are concerned about possible asbestos exposure in recent years, or even decades ago, it is in your best interest to speak with a health care provider about your risk. Contact the experienced mesothelioma lawyers at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers today.

Facts About Mesothelioma

In most cases, victims of mesothelioma develop symptoms many years later. Some patients have been diagnosed with this cancer 60 years after their initial exposure. Common symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include the following:
  • Coughing up blood
  • Respiratory ailments, including pneumonia
  • Sweating and fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Discomfort when swallowing
Patients with pericardial mesothelioma experience a variety of symptoms similar to those of heart disease or heart attack:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Severe or chronic coughing
  • Heart palpitations
Peritoneal mesothelioma patients typically exhibit the following symptoms:
  • Constipation
  • Excess fluid or swelling in the abdominal cavity
  • Hernias
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Chest pains
Because many of the symptoms of mesothelioma are so general, they can easily be misdiagnosed or overlooked by patients until significant damage has been done. This can result in added damage to major organ systems, the spread of the cancer throughout the system, and the eventual death of the patient. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to ensure greater longevity for victims of this disease.

Types of Mesothelioma Compensation Available in Texas

There are three available claims processes for obtaining compensation in a mesothelioma case. Depending on the circumstances of your particular situation, these are personal injury, wrongful death, and trust fund claims. If you are suffering from mesothelioma, you may be able to obtain substantial compensation by filing a personal injury or trust fund claim. Since many victims were exposed to asbestos decades ago, by employers who are no longer in business, asbestos trust funds were established to provide funds that cannot be provided by now-defunct employers. An experienced mesothelioma attorney can help. Family members who have lost a loved one to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses may also be able to obtain compensation by filing a wrongful death claim. If you have lost a loved one, the skilled mesothelioma lawyers at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can help you determine how to proceed. Contact us today at (281) 645-5000 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mesothelioma in Texas

What is the Latency Period of Mesothelioma? 

Although it can take up to 60 years for symptoms of mesothelioma to present themselves after the initial exposure, the average latency period is 40 years. Due to its slow-growing nature and lack of early symptoms, mesothelioma is often diagnosed when the cancer has reached advanced stages. Sadly, this means that many mesothelioma patients will suffer lifelong complications and/or have a severely reduced life expectancy.

How long Do I Have to File a Mesothelioma Claim?

The statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims is two years from diagnosis, and the same time frame applies to wrongful death claims. Although two years might seem like plenty of time within which to file a claim, due to the complex nature of mesothelioma claims, even minor delays can create unnecessary complications. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is in your best interest to speak with a League City mesothelioma lawyer immediately.

Can You Claim For Mesothelioma After Death?

Yes, you can file a claim if you have lost a loved one to mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness. That being said, filing a wrongful death claim is typically a more complex process than if the living victim were to file an injury or trust fund claim on their own. As a living patient would be able to more easily prove exposure history, and provide witnesses who could attest to this exposure, a traditional injury claim is generally more straightforward than a wrongful death lawsuit brought by surviving family members. With the help of a skilled mesothelioma attorney, however, you may be able to obtain a substantial settlement for your loss. Although money cannot bring back your loved one, it can provide the time and space you need to begin the long process of healing.

Seeking Compensation for Mesothelioma Claims

The personal injury lawyers at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can help individuals Nationwide and throughout Texas with mesothelioma pursue compensation from the companies that were responsible for exposing them to asbestos. Families who have lost a loved one to mesothelioma may also be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the parties responsible.

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If you or one of your family members have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, the mesothelioma lawyers at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can provide expert legal representation to hold companies accountable for their negligence in failing to remediate the asbestos on their premises. Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers specializes in representing residents throughout Texas including League City, Galveston, and the Greater Houston area in cases of personal injury and wrongful death. We’re on your side. Contact us at (281) 645-5000 or email our team to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We’re on your side. Contact us at (281) 645-5000 or email our team to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.
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