Fatal Bus Accident in Texas

A large transport bus, owned by a wholly owned subsidiary of Greyhound, crashed Tuesday morning about 9:45am just south of San Antonio. FIlled mostly with Spring Breakers on their way to Matamoras, Mexico, at least 2 are dead and 11 others critically injured. A fatal bus crash possibly caused by faulty equipment.According to records the bus had been properly maintained, properly serviced, and had recently been inspected. The bus driver reported hearing a loud pop prior to the bus jerking off the road and heading head first into a ditch and flipping on its side. The drive shaft is suspected as faulty equipment and further investigation is pending.With people pinned under the bus, severely injured and being dug out by off-duty police officers, 2 died and 2 are missing. If you or a family member have been injured in a bus crash or large truck crash, contact the Texas 18 wheeler accidents attorneys of Burwell Nebout for immediate advice. These Texas Truck Accident and  Trial Lawyers are on YOUR side. Call Today!