Devastating Weather & Extreme Property Damage | Granbury Texas

The extreme weather damage caused by up to three tornadoes in Granbury, Texas started innocently enough.

The first notification that something was wrong came when local sirens started blaring continuously. As the lights in many homes went out due to a loss of power, pea-size to baseball-size hail started pelting the area, causing hail damage to vehicles and breaking windows. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. Wind gusts started to bend trees and flying debris increased with the intensity of the wind. Residents reported that they started to hear a real loud noise that got louder and louder. The noise was caused by an approaching tornado that was determined to be an EF-4 by the National Weather Service. A tornado of this strength reaches an intensity of 160 to 200 miles per hour.

Residents took shelter in their homes, using closets, hallways, bathtubs, and interior rooms to avoid breaking glass and flying debris. Many residents saw the roof of their homes destroyed overhead as they hid from the tornados intensity. Other homeowners were less fortunate as their homes were completely destroyed and scattered throughout the area.

In one Granbury neighborhood, 97 of 110 homes experienced extensive property damage and 37 people were taken to local hospitals. After accounting for all missing Granbury residents, officials report six people died in these severe storms. Habitat for Humanity is currently assessing the extent of the property damage in the area to determine the best time to begin their rebuilding efforts.

The Gulf Coast tornado season usually starts in the later part of winter and moves north as it starts getting warmer. Hailstorms in many cases occur as a byproduct of tornadoes and create their own forms of destruction.

Because many of the homes in some areas of Granbury were built by their owners, they are going to have a difficult time with their insurance companies when they file damage claims. Insurance companies will use any excuse to refuse or pay very little for storm damage. Because they have their own legal staff, you need an experienced property damage attorney to protect your rights. Without a tornado and hail damage lawyer these victims are at the mercy of their insurance companies.