Concerns for the influx of automated vehicles

The times of the flying car are approaching. With the development and implementation of automated vehicles, further advancements are not too far behind.

But are these automated vehicles safe? Some do not believe so and have expressed concerns about auto accidents and other possible issues.

Automated vehicle policy

In 2016, the Department of Transportation released the Federal Automated Vehicle Policy. This policy provides a 15-point assessment for automated vehicles to evaluate their safety and performance, and lawmakers review and update the policy annually to ensure that it is up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.

Though in theory, the assessment seems to provide a great benefit, it is only a voluntary option for manufacturers. In fact, no federal law completely governs the manufacturing and use of these vehicles. Without regulation, lawmakers have left manufacturers to their own devices and moral standing, which some parties may find questionable.


Part of the lack of regulation may be due to the fact that the fully automated vehicles are still in the testing phase. However, some manufacturers have already started testing their vehicles on the open road. Some trials have been fairly successful, while others have resulted in serious injury. In one case, a man using driver-assistance technology died after colliding with a tractor-trailer.

Without mandatory regulations in place, manufacturers continue to press forward. Some citizens and legislators are putting action behind their concern by petitioning for automated vehicles to have to meet state and federal regulations specific to the type of vehicle. Manufacturers and their supporters, on the other hand, are pushing back, claiming that the production and use of automated vehicles will actually increase safety by eliminating human error.

The varying arguments regarding the safety of these vehicles and technological advancement are inevitable and probably necessary. Drivers should stay abreast of these developments and remain vigilant and safe on the road.