Centerville, Texas Car Crash Kills Two

An automobile collision in Centerville, Texas killed two people.  A Honda four-door was heading northbound in I-45 north of Centerville when a 2006 Dodge pickup rear ended the Honda sending both vehicles into the median.  The Texas Department of Public Safety Investigated the automobile wreck.  Initial reports indicate that all persons involved in the car wreck were wearing seatbelts.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that there were 3,382 fatalities resulting from 2008 car accidents in Texas.Mary Merrill, a 64 year old Kansas woman, and Cecilia Milleman, a 63 year old from Dallas, were pronounced dead at the scene.  Three other vehicle passengers suffered injuries.If you or a family member has been injured or suffered a wrongful death from a negligent driver, contact Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers today, we are on YOUR side.