Catastrophic Weather & Hail Storms in Abilene, TX

Accordingly to extreme & catastrophic weather alerts received from Weather Fusion, a company that tracks extreme weather occurrences for insurance company use, had another sad report to share for Friday, May 17, 2013. For northern parts of Texas as well as the west, they were under the gun again after EF3&4 tornadoes ravaged the area on Wednesday, killing 6 people and injuring 100’s. The property damages have started to roll in and the monetary figures are in the millions.

Following Wednesdays storms and disaster recovery and clean efforts on Thursday, another round of severe storms pulverized the area again on Friday afternoon, except this time with only hail. Only? Category 5 hailstorm events were reported and measure hail in the “orange/baseball to grapefruit” size. Category 5 (the highest) hailstorm events were reported in Abilene and Dallas, Texas, as well as Wichita Falls, TX.

The following regions of the country received hail on Friday:

Category 5 Hail Events:
* Abilene, TX Region (CAT: 5)
* Dallas, TX Region (CAT: 5)
* Wichita Falls, TX Region (CAT: 5)

Category 3 Hail Events:
* Minneapolis, MN Region (CAT: 3)

Category 2 Hail Events:
* Rapid City, SD Region (CAT: 2)
* North Platte, NE Region (CAT: 2)

Category 1 Hail Events:
* Dothan, AL Region (CAT: 1)
* Montgomery, AL Region (CAT: 1)
* Riverton, WY Region (CAT: 1)
* Tupelo, MS Region (CAT: 1)
* Birmingham, AL Region (CAT: 1)
* Des Moines, IA Region (CAT: 1)
* Killeen, TX Region (CAT: 1)

The above mentioned areas of Texas have received quite a bit of rain with these catastrophic weather events, however no flooding has been reported. The

Grandbury, Texas, area is absolutely destroyed and insurance companies have moved trailers and adjusters into the area to assess the damage. Other areas of the United States are under the gun today and as you can tell, the report above suggests potential property damage in the midwest. Reports will start coming in today.

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