Car Accidents Are Not Something to Take Lightly

If you are in Houston and get injured in a car accident, then calling a lawyer is a smart move.   You deserve to have the opportunity to fight for your rights and get fairly compensated for your injuries.   However, when we see people staging car accidents to collect money from their auto insurance companies, it frustrates us and does not make us happy.   Car accidents are serious business, and should not be treated as a game. Yet, five California residents did exactly that in 2008.  They knew each other, set up the car accident, and then filed false claims with their insurance companies for thousands of dollars in damages.  Luckily, they were found guilty for their actions and will spend the rest of their life with a criminal record.   It still does not make it right. Across the United States, people are injured or killed in serious car accidents every day.  There are numerous parents that have lost children too soon because somebody chose to drive drunk, and many families have dealt with lives taken too soon because someone was not paying full attention behind the wheel.    We do not think they would appreciate seeing a group of people intentionally wrecking their vehicles for insurance money.