Burning Offshore Oil Rig Sinks

For two days, Transocean’s oil rig off the coast of Louisiana has been ablaze. 11 are still missing and over 17 were injured at sea, with only 3 seriously injured at sea. This rig sank on Thursday morning at 10:20am per the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard and rescue crews are still actively searching for the missing offshore oil rig workers. As of 10:20am, the rig has appeared to be totally submerged, yet still burning. A lawsuit has already be filed on behalf of one worker, Shane Roshto, a “rousta-bout” working on the rig at the time of this explosion at sea. It is believed that Mr. Roshto was thrown overboard and killed while performing his job on the platform. The family’s complaint alleges negligence on Transocean and BP’s part, and that the explosion was caused both companies’ failure to comply with federal regulations, failure to provide a competent crew and safe workplace, and other allegations. BP is currently working with the Coast Guard around the clock to extinguish the blaze on this offshore drilling platform that is now submersed. This intentionally, semi-submersible rig has been under lease by BP since 2007 and is located in the Gulf of Mexico about 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Approximately 79 of the employess on the platform were employees of Transocean. There were 6 BP employees on board and they were all accounted for. Other third party firms are involved and Transocean is not releasing the names of those companies at this time. If you or a family member was on this offshore oil rig platform and was injured at sea or you family is dealing with a death at sea, call the experienced lawyers at Burwell Nebout today. Experienced trial attorneys and well versed in Jones Act and Maritime Law, can help guide you in the steps that one would need to take if involved in a tragedy like this.