BP – Will It Ever Focus On Safety

BP caused the wrongful death of 15 workers and injuring hundreds in the March 2005 Texas City, Texas explosion.  After enormous payouts in lawsuits and large fines at the Texas City, Texas refinery, BP was again fined $87.4 million by OSHA for failing to comply with the original agreements to fix safety problems in Texas City.Once again, BP is being fined by OSHA for safety violations in its BP-Husky refinery in Toledo, Ohio.  OSHA found that BP has often ignored or severly delayed fixing known hazards in its refineries.  The US Labor Secretary concluded that there is no excuse for taking chances with industrial workers lives and must fix the safety hazards immediately.  The BP Toledo refinery’s problems with pressure relief valves are similar to the conditions at the Texas City refinery which caused the massive 2005 explosion.  OSHA found 38 wilful violations of which 26 violations dealt with pressure relief valves.BP continues to place profits over safety.  With quarterly earnings in the billions of dollars, there is absolutely no excuse for lack of maintenance in its US refinery facilities.  When BP is faced with public scrutiny for explosions which kill or injure workers to on the job injuries resulting from equipment failure, a fear campaign is used to scare the workers and residents of the refinery towns that BP will close the refinery and move it to a different location which is often suggested to be out of the US.  It is time that BP steps up to the plate, performs the necessary maintenance in its refineries and operates in a profitable but safe manner.If you or a family member has been injured or suffered a wrongful death from a refinery explosion or industrial accident, contact Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers today, we are on YOUR side.