BP Texas City Refinery Emissions Cases

Industrial accidents occur every year in the United States. People who are injured in these accidents may believe that their injuries are only temporary, but the lasting effects of being exposed to toxic chemicals after such an accident can lead to life-long complications. A Texas City refinery accident attorney can help victims of a chemical plant accident fight for the compensation they need and deserve. Emissions Cases Against BP Some of the most famous instances of industrial accidents that have put people in danger involve oil and gas company BP. Lawsuits brought against the company claim that a refinery in Texas City was emitting dangerous chemical vapors for 40 days in 2010. Over 45,000 people in the area surrounding the plant were exposed to these vapors. The emissions released during this time period included 17,000 pounds of benzene, a chemical that can cause health issues including dizziness, headaches, confusion and even death. Investigations following the incident uncovered that BP negligently allowed chemical vapors to leave the facility to avoid fines that may have been assessed if the company had revealed the mistake. The London-based company denies that the vapor released from the Texas City plant caused any ill effects on residents of the city. However, 48,000 people living in the area around the plant filed lawsuits against the company. The plaintiffs sought up to $200,000 per person and $10 billion that would be given directly to charities. The lawsuit brought against BP is not the first time that the company has faced legal trouble in relation to the Texas City plant. A lawsuit related to pollution sourced from the refinery between 2005 and 2011 was settled for $50 million. Maintenance problems and negligence were further evidenced at the plant in 2005 after an explosion killed 15 workers. The refinery has since been sold by BP to Marathon Petroleum Corp. Recent Developments In the BP Emissions Cases The judge presiding over BP’s emissions cases was urged to be tough to make an example of the negligent company, but BP was able to dodge most of the liability it faced. While a jury found BP guilty of exposing people to emissions during the trial in October 2013, the thousands of people who were exposed to these vapors were not awarded damages. The health of approximately 48,000 people was put at risk when emissions from over 500,000 pounds of chemical vapors were released from the plant due to negligence. However, the jury in the case found that there was no solid evidence that anyone had actually been harmed in the incident. BP is now seeking to have remaining lawsuits related to the incident dismissed because of the lack of harm done. However, the company is willing to negotiate settlements with people who live within two miles of the Texas City refinery. The Texas City petrochemical plant accident serves as an example of the consequences of negligence in industrial settings. Although BP claims that no one was hurt as a result of the incident, it is possible that lasting effects of exposure to chemicals may be discovered over time. Attorneys who are experienced in handling chemical plant accident cases make sure that their clients are treated fairly after an accident occurs. Anyone who feels that they have been harmed due to an industrial accident involving negligence should consult with an attorney for help. A chemical plant accident attorney is able to use extensive knowledge and skill to fight for the rights of each client. Compensation can be used to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Free consultations are often available.