Bounce House Injuries on the Rise

Parents, take note:  Bounce houses can be fun.  They also can be very dangerous.   According to a study released today, the number of children 17-years-old or younger needing emergency room treatment from playing in a bounce house has doubled since 2008.  The study also mentions that fewer than 1,000 children required emergency room care for bounce house injuries in 1995, but as of 2010 that number had grown to almost 11,000. Children five-years-old and younger make up the largest percentage of those injured in bounce house related accidents, accounting for more than one-third of all bounce house injuries.   These injuries are usually caused by a collision between children inside a bounce house, a child falling by themselves inside a bounce house, or a child falling outside a bounce house. If your child got hurt playing in a bounce house in Galveston, Houston, or Texas City, call a personal injury attorney.   You may be able to win damages on your child’s behalf.