Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers - Expert Witnesses in Your Texas Personal Injury Case

Expert Witnesses in Your Texas Personal Injury Case

As you build your personal injury case, you might reach out to on-the-scene witnesses to corroborate details of an accident or incident that they also experienced or observed firsthand.

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Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers - The Personal Injury Deposition Process in Texas

The Personal Injury Deposition Process in Texas

Understanding what to expect in each phase of personal injury litigation can make all the difference in your case. Our job begins well before we step foot into a courtroom—and so does yours.

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cruise ship

What to Do After a Cruise Ship Accident

Suffering an injury is never fun, let alone while you’re on vacation. Not only can an injury throw a wrench into many of your plans, but you are also away from home—sometimes even in another country—away from doctors you know and trust, and often without loved ones and others who can care for you.

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Jones Act

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your Jones Act Case

Under the Jones Act, if you are hurt during the course of your duties either as a result of negligence by your employer or coworker, or because the vessel on which you work is deemed unsafe or unseaworthy, you are entitled to collect compensation for the damages you suffer by suing your employer.

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What Constitutes Negligence?

In any type of personal injury claim—whether it stems from an auto accident, a slip and fall, a maritime accident, a dangerous or harmful product, or any other situation in which an injury is sustained—your ability to collect compensation to cover your medical bills, costs of repairing damaged property, and any other losses you suffer rests on your ability to prove that you were a victim of negligence.

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auto insurance

Types of Auto Insurance You May Want in Texas

All drivers in Texas are required to carry auto insurance. With all the factors that are out of our control on the road, there are many situations that are simply unavoidable, even for the most responsible drivers.

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