Safety first - four ways to avoid a car accident

Four Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you take on a big responsibility for your own safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of those with whom you share the road.

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reaching for the glove compartment after an accident

What You Should Keep in Your Car in Case of an Accident

Some of the items in the following list are required by law, some are things you probably carry with you every day, others are low-tech and some can help you stay safe.

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Injured employee visiting personal injury lawyer

How to Know Whether You Should Negotiate a Personal Injury Claim or File a Lawsuit

If you have been injured in a car accident, the first thing you should do is get each driver’s information and the names and information of any witnesses, and seek medical attention. The second thing you should do is contact your own insurance company, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

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Personal injury claim

Understanding How Much Your Personal Injury Claim is Worth

Being injured because of the negligence of another party can change your life. Besides the physical pain and anguish of your injury, you may also have to deal with expensive medical bills, ongoing treatment like physical therapy, and missed time from work.

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Understanding the Types of Compensatory Damages in a Civil Lawsuit

In a civil lawsuit, a plaintiff brings charges against a defendant for a negligent act or wrongdoing. If the plaintiff wins the case, they are given a monetary award. These rewards are also called civil damages, and can be classified in two categories, “compensatory” or “punitive.”

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punitive damages in civil trial

What are Punitive Damages in a Civil Trial?

If you’ve been injured because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, you may decide to file a civil lawsuit with the hopes of being compensated for your suffering and the expenses associated with it. If you win the case, the court will award you compensatory or punitive damages (or both).

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