Accident Involving Two 18 Wheelers Rocks Tyler

Two 18 wheelers collided yesterday in Tyler, Texas.  According to the FOX affiliate in the city, one of the big rigs was trying to feed onto eastbound Interstate 20 from the shoulder when a second 18 wheeler hit them from behind.   Because of the accident, traffic was slowed for nearly two hours.  All that said, there is good news. For one thing, no major injuries were reported.  Considering the two vehicles weighed at least 20,000 pounds in gross weight combined, that is no small feat.   When two large vehicles slam into each other as they did, one or both could have easily toppled over, increasing the odds of serious injury.  Thankfully, that did not happen in this case. Secondly, no chemicals were spilled on the interstate as a result of this collision.  Since 18 wheelers are generally used to transport goods or products within or across state lines, it is not uncommon for them to be carrying dangerous chemicals as part of their load.  Also, due to their large mass, they are not the most stable vehicles, either.  This is why some 18 wheeler accidents result in chemical spills.  In fact, one such accident occurred in Houston last December. Because of these facts, it appears neither party involved in the accident will need the services of a truck accident lawyer in Texas.   However, in the future, if an attorney is needed after an 18 wheeler accident in Tyler, it would be best to contact a Dallas area truck accident lawyer.  That only makes sense considering the cities are within 100 miles of each other.