Union Representation

Gulf Coast Union Representation From the Experts at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers

Union RepresentationAt Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, we support the role of unions in standing up for the rights of workers and protecting them against unfair and unsafe workplace environments. Our Houston union representation attorneys can provide expert guidance for Gulf Coast union members in dealing with the following issues:

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Contract management and enforcement
  • Settling internal disputes regarding fair representation
  • Unfair or discriminatory treatment by employers toward union members
  • Managing union recordkeeping requirements
  • Failure by employers to provide a safe working environment
  • Representing unions and members in arbitrations

As card-carrying members of USW 13-1, the attorneys at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers have firsthand experience regarding the importance of unions in protecting Texas workers. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your union manage its legal issues quickly and effectively to provide maximum benefit for your members.

Navigating the Department of Labor Regulations

The legal experts at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with Department of Labor requirements and can help your union and its management team achieve compliance with all applicable regulations, including the following:

  • Proper procedures for dues objectors
  • Laws and regulations governing union elections and officer responsibilities
  • Recordkeeping and reporting requirements
  • Required filings for the LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
  • Laws governing union security clauses and arbitration requirements

Each Burwell Nebout union representation lawyer will work with you to ensure full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to your union and your industry. We will represent your union during Department of Labor investigations and will provide a vigorous defense on behalf of your organization.

Political and Legislative Activities

As your Houston union representation lawyer, Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers will help you create effective strategies for reaching out to political entities and legislators at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that the legal rights and protections afforded to union workers remain in place to protect them against the profit-motivated actions of corporate officials.

Our expert legal staff can help you stay on the right side of campaign finance laws and can assist you in drafting legislation designed to protect the rights of working people.

Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers specializes in providing expert assistance for your union in working toward a brighter tomorrow for your members and your industry. We want to be your first line of defense in the Gulf Coast union representation marketplace.

If you are looking for an expert Houston, Galveston and League City union representation lawyer to assist your union with compliance issues, ongoing legal actions and overall management of your administrative, political and legislative activities, Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can deliver the services you need and can represent your union effectively both in and out of court.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys and to discover the value of our experience in managing your ongoing legal needs.