Commercial Litigation

Technological advances have increased the pace of modern business. Rapid communications and computerized contract management strategies allow companies to get more done. However, these same tools can lead to unexpected legal entanglements.

At Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, we offer comprehensive commercial litigation representation to protect your company and personal interests in any of the following situations:

  • Contract disputes/breach of contract
  • Contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Real property and land use disputes
  • Unfair competition and restrictive covenants disputes

We identify and pursue cost-effective means to dispute resolution until such strategies become ineffective. Sometimes disputes can be resolved with a well-written letter. Often, mediation or arbitration can be the forum for resolution in your best interests. However, there are cases in which courtroom litigation is the only path to your best possible outcome.

We're are on your side and capable of thwarting any threats to your business through all phases of the legal process.

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Noncompete Agreements

Many cases we handle involve noncompete clauses in employee contracts. Texas law has generally been interpreted to limit the scope of noncompete agreements to cover only a specific field of employment, a limited geographical area and a defined period of time.

Individuals working in the insurance industry, sales and other professions might be subject to a noncompete clause that prevents them from taking on similar employment in the local market for a period of time after leaving their current employer.

Pursuing a claim for a breach of contract or a noncompete agreement can be a challenging undertaking. Courts in Texas typically look not only at the actual facts of the case but also at the wording of the noncompete clause and whether it is unenforceable due to its restrictions. Enlisting the help of our team can provide added protection for your company at every phase of the employment relationship.

If your company is currently facing a legal battle due to noncompete clause disputes, contract management issues or other litigation, Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers can provide effective representation for your business interests.

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