How to Recover Full Lost Wages and Medical Costs

After a Car Accident, You May Have Several Options for Recovery

Compensation for your medical bills may come from:

  • The other driver's insurance coverage
  • Your own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
  • Your uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage or Med-Pay

When you need reimbursement quickly, PIP and Med-Pay will be your best options. However, your insurance provider will still not be quick to reimburse you for your expenses. It is best to pursue any financial compensation after a serious car accident with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Unable to Work After Your Car Accident?

If you are unable to work after an accident, your PIP and/or UIM coverage will be important. PIP will provide you coverage even if you have some fault in the crash, and UIM coverage will provide financial compensation if the other driver has little or no car insurance.

Med-Pay will not pay out lost wages claims, and the other driver's insurance will work to delay any payments until fault in the crash is proven.

PIP coverage will allow you to recover 80 percent of your lost wages, not including taxes and benefits. Therefore, your lost wages recovery will be about equal to your normal wages. However, your recovery will be limited by the extent of your PIP coverage.

Speak With Our Lawyers About Your Individual Options

Our team represents accident victims throughout Texas including Galveston, League City and the Greater Houston area. We will help you find doctors, chiropractors and other professionals who offer deferred payment plans and other options.

Do not let your inability to pay for medical treatment or a lack of health insurance or PIP coverage stop you from getting proper medical care or pursuing a personal injury claim. Although a lowball initial insurance offer may be tempting, we can help you get a better offer.

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