Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Demand Proactive, Aggressive Representation

At Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, we represent individuals who have been injured due to negligence on the part of other drivers. Our team of experienced and talented trial attorneys knows motorcycle accidents in Texas including Galveston, League City and the Greater Houston area. We can provide the support needed to help you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve for damages and losses from your crash.

Negligent Drivers Cost Lives

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics indicate a number of troubling figures:

  • Hundreds of the fatal motorcycle crashes recorded each year are due to drivers turning left in front of a motorcycle that had the right of way.
  • Motorcycle riders are about five times more likely to be injured and 30 times more likely to be killed in a collision than comparable car and truck drivers.
  • Texas is often where the most fatal motorcycle accidents occur, with over 450 fatalities each calendar year, including drivers and passengers.

For motorcyclists who have been injured through the negligence of another driver or for families that have lost a loved one to these tragic accidents, pursuing legal action can sometimes provide valuable closure. It can also hold negligent parties accountable for their careless and destructive actions.

The aggressive lawyers at Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers know how to prove fault and secure maximum compensation in these cases, even when it seems like all odds are stacked against you. Do not allow the blame to be shifted to the motorcyclist just because of the biases of others. You deserve respect, and you have rights. Our team is always on your side every step of the way.

Throughout Texas including Galveston, League City and the Greater Houston area, we represent injured motorcycle accident victims. Please call our firm today at 281-645-5000 to discuss your full legal options and protections.

The Right Legal Help for Victims

We have extensive resources and experience necessary to achieve sizable settlements for victims and their families. We aggressively represent your case in negotiations with claims adjusters and in any necessary court proceedings. Our League City-based attorneys are some of the best trial experts in Texas and the Greater Houston area, and we have represented people throughout the state since 1970.

We can help you achieve meaningful compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and many other losses you and your family have suffered.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our lawyers. We look forward to serving you and guiding you through this process to a brighter future. Allow us to handle the legal complexities of your case.