Why Work With a Non-Union FELA Lawyer?

When injured you will be contacted by a railroad claim agent. This claim agent will attempt to take a statement, direct you to company doctors and dissuade you from seeking counsel with a qualified FELA attorney. At this time, a union-designated attorney might also contact you to facilitate a settlement with the claim agent.

It is imperative, to know your rights and consult a qualified, experienced non-union FELA attorney who represents you, not the union and not the railroad company. Due to the legal complexities involved and the serious injuries typically sustained, you want to be confident that the railroad accident lawyer you hire is committed to a successful outcome for you.

After a consultation with a non-union FELA lawyer from Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, our personal commitment and aggressive representation will be evident. The FELA lawyers with Burwell Nebout have a long and successful history of supporting and representing union workers in job-related injury claims.

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