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Texas City and the Texas Gulf Coast are the home of major ports along with numerous oil refineries and chemical plants that provides employment for thousands of residents. However, these opportunities carry significant risks for explosions and industrial related accidents.

In 2005, an explosion at the Texas City BP oil refinery killed 15 workers and caused serious injuries to hundreds of others. After this tragic accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) performed an investigation and found numerous safety violations on the part of BP management. Ultimately, BP was assessed a multimillion-dollar fine and was required to correct unsafe working conditions at its Texas City plant under an agreement between its management and OSHA. Burwell Nebout Trial Layers played a significant role in obtaining settlements for their injured workers and implementing changes at the refinery.

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Worker Safety in Texas City

Maintaining adequate worker safety protections on the job and in industrial refineries and chemical plants is essential to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and to ensure that employees are protected against hazards in the working environment. Failure to provide a safe work environment including proper policies and procedures, well maintained equipment and fall protection are just a few examples of conditions that result in job and work-related injuries

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Automobile Wrecks In The Texas City Area

Another major area of concern for Texas City residents is the risk of injury or death on the city and state roadways. According to figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Texas ranks first in the number of drunk driving fatalities with 40 percent of all fatal accidents involving the use of alcohol by one or more drivers.

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