18 Wheeler Accidents in Houston

It has been a busy month for news involving 18 wheelers in the Greater Houston area. During the last two weeks, two 18 wheeler accidents have occurred within a mile of each other on the Katy Freeway.   One involved two 18 wheelers slamming into concrete barriers near the Taylor Street exit, and the other involved a jack-knifed 18 wheeler near the Houston Ave. exit. Then, on Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released their roadway fatality data for 2011, which included staggering statistics about 18 wheeler accident related deaths.  According to their report, the number of fatalities of occupants of 18 wheelers increased 20% in 2011. With Houston being a business hub, it is very common to see 18 wheelers navigating the city’s freeways.   Therefore, it makes sense that accidents involving 18 wheelers would be a more common occurrence here than in other parts of the country. If your vehicle is hit by an 18 wheeler, a call to an accident attorney is one of the first phone calls you should make.   At Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, we have years of experience representing people injured after being hit by a big rig.   If you want to win your case, give us a call.