18 Wheeler Accident Kills Pedestrian

This morning, an 18-wheeler hit and killed a pedestrian in the parking lot of Houston area gas station.  The accident took place near the Eastex Freeway at Hopper and the victim has yet to be identified.  Right now, police are working to determine the cause of the accident, and whether or not to file charges against the driver of the 18-wheeler. Regardless of the speed at impact, any accident involving an 18-wheeler is very dangerous because of its sheer size.  If you live in Galveston, Houston, or Texas City, do what you can to protect yourself from colliding with a big rig.   That means try to not follow an 18-wheeler too closely, nor try to pass them when driving. Of course, we understand that with all the freeway driving that goes on in Houston, 18 wheeler accidents are going to happen.   If you or a loved one need legal assistance after an accident with an 18-wheeler, give us a call at 409-359-4865, or visit 18 wheeler accidents attorney.   You have rights following a crash with a big rig. We can help.