10 Deadly Distractions While Driving

Even a momentary distraction can lead to devastating consequences when you are driving. Keeping your eyes and thoughts on the road as well as your hands on the steering wheel are the best ways to stay safe. However, since you are only in control of your own driving habits, there is still risk from other drivers. If you are involved in an accident with a distracted driver, you should consider contacting a local Houston auto accident lawyer to help with your case. While there are too many potential distractions to list them all, the following ten dangerous driving distractions are among the deadliest. 1. Daydreaming and Zoning Out Being mentally absent in general is the primary reason cited in most car accidents. Next time you are driving and start to worry about work or your social life, remember that none of those problems are as important as paying attention to the road and how you are driving. 2. Texting or Talking on a Mobile Device Your risk of having an accident multiplies greatly when you use your smartphone while driving, no matter how you use it or for how long. To help curb people’s tendency to drive and text, U.S. highways have installed signage encouraging drivers to pull off the road before even touching their phones. 3. Gawking at Wrecks and Runners You can live without seeing the drama on the side of the road; in fact, you may not live if you look too long. Of course, sometimes human nature gets the best of you. If another driver is looking at a bikini-clad beachgoer and causes a fender bender, you probably want to get a Galveston car accident lawyer on the case. 4. Looking After a Child If your child is throwing a tantrum in the back seat, you need to pull over until that distraction passes. The only thing that should be demanding your attention while you are driving is the road. 5. Reaching Across the Vehicle While GPS devices are the main culprits when it comes to drivers reaching across the car, other items such as headphones can also tempt you to make this deadly error in judgment. If reaching for something makes you lose sight of the road, pull off and park first. 6. Conversing and Gesturing People who move their hands when they talk are generally considered to be more personable, but it is a terrible habit for driving. Besides the possibility of letting go of the steering wheel while gesturing, talking to passengers provides a mental distraction as well. 7. Eating and Drinking During those several seconds spent unwrapping your cheeseburger, a lot can happen that can cause an accident. Drinking, especially from a screw-top bottle, is doubly dangerous since it takes both your eyes off the road and your hands off the steering wheel. 8. Adjusting the Stereo, Vents and Views All those little buttons in your car can be confusing. If you need to reposition your seat and mirrors or are unfamiliar with the car’s controls, pull over and put it in park before you try to figure it out. 9. Smoking and Vaping That cloud of smoke or vapor can make it hard to see the road, and it is never a good idea to take either of your hands off the steering wheel, which you have to do to smoke or vape. 10. Reacting to Sudden Movements No one can predict when a squirrel or deer will cross your path. If hitting something has given you whiplash or worse, you may need to call a Houston personal injury attorney to get your insurance to cover your medical expenses.